After nearly 19 years I love my husband more and more with each passing day. Far too many reasons for my love prevent me from listing them all. Of course we have our problems, but this post is not about that. This post is about is how great a guy he is. And he is a great guy; indeed, he is the greatest guy I know! I find myself ever thankful for his myriad lovable qualities.

Thank you, Mark, for loving me. Thank you for being a great dad to our boys and challenging me to be an ever-better person.

Most of all right now thank you for building for me a new website! You are, hands down, my BFF!

(Yes, that’s right. All of this to say Mark is creating a website that will host my blogs as well as other information and resources. If you’re thinking this is a blatantly shallow and self-promoting way to ask for your patience as we begin moving to the new site, you’d be correct. But all the stuff I said about loving Mark, his awesome dadness, etc., remains true.)


My little friend is here today. She comes to play with me once or twice a week and goes by “B” when she’s here. 18 months going on 15 she has perfected the art of endearing the universe to her little ways.

Recently, B adopted Patches, the sweet, innocent teddy bear cast off but not discarded by my 11 year-old son. She bathes Patches, rocks him, kisses him, smiles down upon him and even reads him books.

As she carries Patches around, all wrapped up in a kitchen towel blanket, B often gets a pitiful little look on her face and cries a mournful little cry. She seems to be experiencing and expressing a deep sadness Patches feels. Unconcerned with his stains, rips, and missing pom from the tip of his hat, B loves Patches with such tender care that she can even feel his own sorrow. And the way she caresses his sweet, threaded smile as she cares for his every need makes me certain she is also tuned into her stuffed friend’s joy.

At the risk of sounding trite, I’d like to think this innocent little picture mirrors God’s care for all His children.